GiNN-BerlinKontor.—US-Vizepräsident Mike PENCE hat die NATO-Partner nachdrücklich zu mehr Verteidigungsausgaben aufgefordert. PräsidentDonald J. TRUMP erwarte “bis Ende 2017 konkrete Fortschritte”, so Pence nach einem Treffen mit NATO-Generalsekretär Jens STOLTENBERG in Brüssel.

“Im Auftrag des US-Präsideten Trump” erklärte Pence in Brüssel: “Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States, I can assure you, is fully committed to NATO’s noble mission. A strong NATO means a safer world. And the United States of America looks forward to continuing to work with our partners in NATO to achieve just that.”

Pence: “It is my privilege here at the NATO Headquarters to express the strong support of President Trump and the United States of America for NATO and our transatlantic alliance.

The United States has been a proud and faithful member of NATO since its founding in 1949. This alliance plays a crucial role in promoting peace and prosperity in the North Atlantic and, frankly, in the entire world.

The United States’ commitment to NATO is clear. As we speak, President Trump and our administration are developing plans to ensure that the strongest military in the world in the United States becomes stronger still.

Let me assure you, Mr. Secretary, that in the United States, we’re about the process of strengthening our military and restoring the arsenal of democracy. Working with members of Congress, we intend to increase military funding to make it possible for us to provide for the common defense for the people of the United States, but also meet the obligations that we have with our treaty allies, including in this historic treaty. America will do our part. But Europe’s defense requires Europe’s commitment as much as ours.” (Quelle:

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