I.T. and Cyber Security

GiNN-BerlinKontor.—”Key elements of our society are interconnected through digital networks, while our jobs and trade depend on information technology and the Internet”, stressed Hans-Peter FRIEDRICH, the German Minister of the Interior. Three-quarters of Germans today use the Internet; many government and business processes and tasks rely on I.T = information technology. Today, you can send and receive mail, shop and communicate in the virtual world just as in the real world. We have become highly dependent on functioning I.T. and secure information infrastructure. Cyber crime poses an increasing threat to this infrastructure. This is why the Federal Government has made I.T. security a top priority.

Because an I.T. failure could compromise Germany’s internal security, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is also responsible for I.T. security.

Safeguarding security in cyberspace and protecting critical information infrastructure are vital concerns of the 21st century and require a high level of government commitment. Germany’s Cyber Security Strategy was adopted on 23 February 2011. This strategy called for establishing the National Cyber Response Centre and the National Cyber Security Council, among other things.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior sponsors the association Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V., which seeks to educate small and medium-sized enterprises, children, young people and adults of all ages about issues of I.T. security.

Global networks are becoming more and more interconnected, so that incidents in other countries may affect I.T. security in Germany as well. For this reason, the Federal Government is working with its international partners to improve cross-border IT security, especially within the EU, but we also work with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Group of 8 (G 8). (Source: BMI)

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