US-Gratulation zum 3.10.

GiNN-BerlinKontor.—John Forbes KERRY, US-Außenminister, hat den Deutschen zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit am 3. Oktober -  im Namen des Präsidenten Barack OBAMA und des amerikanischen Volkes – herzlich gratuliert.

Kerry: “On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I congratulate the people of Germany as you mark the Day of German Unity on October 3.

As a young boy living with my family in Berlin in the 1950s, I witnessed firsthand the harmful impact of Cold War division. At the time, there were many who believed that Germany would never again be united and that its people would never be allowed to come together under the banner of democracy. It was not until this date in 1990 that those skeptics were proven wrong.

As we reflect today on how far a united Germany has come in the past quarter century, we might also express appreciation for the deep friendship that exists between our two countries. I just had the privilege of hosting Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Boston, and we had the opportunity to consider the links between our nations’ prosperity and security and the remarkable nexus of our shared interests, values, and ideals.

The list of issues on which we cooperate includes everything from counter-terrorism and climate change to support for democracy and a healthy and growing world economy. We were partners in negotiating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran and in helping the people of Afghanistan to take greater responsibility for their own security. Every day, in the UN, NATO, the OSCE and other institutions, we consult on how to make progress towards our common goal of a more stable, peaceful, and prosperous world.

On this special occasion, let us join in celebrating the unity of the German people, and in reaffirming our mutual commitment to the alliance between Germany and the United States. I wish all Germans a joy-filled Day of Unity and a safe and happy year to come.”

John F. Kerry   Secretary of State  Washington DC





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